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These two guys grew up together, worked at a retail golf store together and spent every chance they could trying to whip each other’s butts on the golf course. It’s been decades of no-holds-barred, “grip it and rip it” golf which is peppered by non-stop heckling, insults and a mutual respect for a great shot when one is played especially if followed by an avalanche of smack talk. 


Mark Zecchino aka “Zee” is a former golf pro who is currently the host of Golf Talk Canada and a commentator for the PGA Tour on Sirius XM Radio. A passionate golfer and fan of the game, Mark is bold and feisty both on and off the course. Outgoing and aggressive he loves living loud and large from the clothes he wears, to the way he talks, to the way he can flop a 62 degree wedge over a bunker. A pure golfing talent with a natural flair for the game like a Phil Mickelson. His booming laugh suits his booming drives! 

Dave Hemstad aka “Hammer” was an Academic All-American and NCAA Div. 1 champion in university before he was struck by lightning during a tournament. That’s right, he was struck by lightning. 20 years later he is a full-time professional comedian, a veteran of the Just for Laughs festival, actor, writer and a decorated amateur golfer who maintains a scratch handicap. Hammer is an intimidating athlete who hates to lose more than he likes to win. A pragmatic perfectionist, he tries to paint a golf course the correct way but will chase the odd “sucker pin for the win!” The risks he takes on the course are calculated and whether he enjoys his evening or not is directly related to what happens on the course that day. 



Viewers get a chance to live vicariously through our two hosts. This show will feature legendary golf courses, exotic resorts, great restaurants, amazing golf shots with hilarious banter. There will be golf tips, life lessons, heartbreak and celebration. Zee and Hammer hit the tee shots that you wish you could, shoot the scores you want, have the banter and fun that everyone hopes for on the golf course and eat and drink like kings! 

These guys are outspoken and larger than life characters, alpha males who love golf and living in style. Join them in their adventures...from the back tees in the morning to the front rows at night, these guys go for broke on and off the course! Putts will be conceded but standards will not! 


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